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If you have navigated to this page you will no doubt already be aware of the importance of temperature and humidity regulation in a server room. Any downtime experienced, due a heating or cooling issue, could have disastrous consequences for your business.

In order to protect your equipment, and perhaps even more importantly your data, regulating the temperature is a high priority. Server rooms experiencing extreme levels of heat run the risk of equipment failure, requiring emergency air conditioning repair, which could quite literally bring your business to a grinding halt.

Evergreen are experienced, accredited AC specialists providing office air conditioning in London, Essex and the Home Counties.

A professionally designed and installed AC system will allow you to easily set and manipulate the temperature and humidity of your server room, regardless of its size or scale.

Wall mounted units or under ceiling mounted units are generally recommended for applications of this type, as they can be strategically placed so that the cool air they generate can be aimed directly at the server, or servers. 

We understand that each of our customer’s requirements are unique, and we will advise you on which type and size of AC system is perfect for your individual needs and budget. We supply and install air conditioners, manufactured by leading brands, renowned for their reliability and energy efficiency.

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