How to Hire Air Conditioning Experts – 5 Steps

An air conditioner is a highly complex appliance and the installation process involves careful and meticulous planning, so that your home or business has sufficient heating and cooling functionality for your individual needs. This is why it is of upmost importance to choose the right air conditioning installer who has the experience, qualifications and expertise to guide you through the process.

Follow our simple step by step guide, to help you choose the right air conditioning installer for you ……

Step#1: Experience is Key

When looking for an Air Conditioning Installer it is imperative that you choose a company that has the relevant experience and expertise, excellent client satisfaction, and also are up to date with the current trends and ever changing regulations.

As a bench mark we would recommend that you search for companies that are well established, ideally for more than 5 years (this is a very competitive industry and over 80% of businesses will fail to reach this landmark).

Evergreen Environmental were established in 2010, and our board of directors have over 72 years of combined experience in air conditioning installations and related services. We employ a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced specialist engineers.

Step#2: Verify Credentials

You must ensure that your chosen air conditioning company is fully compliant and up to date with industry & governmental standards, and that they have sufficient liability insurance for your protection.

Evergreen Environmental the air conditioning professionals in Essex  are Safe Contractor approved. We are F-Gas registered and are partnered and accredited with the leading manufacturers Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin, as well as other well respected manufacturers in the field.  All of our highly trained engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully certified.

Step#3: Ask for Recommendations

In the same way that an employer asks for references to employ a new recruit, you can hire an air conditioning professional using the same method. Start by collecting suggestions from your friends and family for the best HVAC Company in your area. Check out online reviews and directories listing businesses.

Evergreen Environmental are proud to have successfully been delivering projects to the highest of standards since 2010. Installations can range from single split domestic systems, to multiple VRF in multi-storey buildings. Projects are carried out in a variety of domestic and commercial settings. We value each and every one of our Clients and we take great satisfaction in the fact that our Clients do not hesitate to recommend us, and a large proportion of our installations are repeat business.

Step#4: Request an Estimate

You may have in mind a rough budget for what you require but whilst it is always tempting to save money and go with the lowest price, it is important to have a complete understanding of what you are getting for your money.  Ask for estimates from various companies and compare each bid. Only consider estimates from companies that are the most suitably qualified and experienced for the work. Eventually, this will save you time and money.

Evergreen offer free site surveys, advice and quotations to all clients. During the air conditioning site survey, the installer will carefully consider your individual needs and tailor your installation to this. Our expertise enables us to compose the best air conditioning solution for each client.

Step#5: Choose your air conditioning installation specialist

Several companies offer air conditioning services, and nearly all claim to be the best. By following the simple points above and taking time to do your research, you will ultimately save time and money, and hopefully feel more confident in your final choice.

Evergreen Environmental are specialist Air Conditioning installers based in Essex, covering London, Essex and The Home Counties. We are a well established and growing company. We take pride in our excellent reputation within the industry for the quality of our installations and level of service. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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