Tips For Domestic Air Conditioning Installation

Domestic air conditioning installation can be a crucial problem. If done accurately, your air conditioner will give an optimal cooling effect. Poor installation can often lead to frequent maintenance problems as well.

You should consider several factors when installing domestic air conditioning in the UK. Wherever you decide to place your AC unit will determine its efficiency.

Keep The Space Properly Ventilated

To have an instant cooling effect in your house, the vents of the air conditioner must not be blocked by furniture or any other item. If the vents are blocked, you will not be able to receive the maximum output from your AC. To make the best of it, ensure that it is surrounded with enough free space and freely moving air.

The Higher The Better

When installing your AC unit, make sure that you place it in a higher location. There is simple physics behind it. Hot air tends to move upwards, so if you install it on a ground level, it will take longer to cool down the room. The result will be you spending loads of money on an unsatisfactory result. Installing the AC unit higher will give you more than enough space for all the pipes and ducts. Plus, being at a higher position means that there will not any objects hindering the airflow.

Place It In A Shaded Area

Having sunlight can be a problem for your AC unit. Leaving your unit in the sunlight will cause it to overheat, hence more work that needs to be done. Too much workload can eventually wear out your AC unit causing instant repair bills. Keeping your curtains closed will increase its lifespan and reduce the overall bill cost. It will be a plus point if your indoor AC unit is installed away from any light bulb or any electronics that would generate massive heat. Your AC unit will need to go the extra mile to keep your electronics cool and maintain the overall desired temperature.

Proper location For Outdoor Unit

Just like the indoor unit, the outdoor one also requires to be placed in a well-shaded area. Why do you ask? The outdoor unit already gets warm from the heat generated by the condenser. Adding sunlight to it can overheat the parts, hence resulting in another expense. Moreover, the outdoor unit should be placed on a flat and rigid surface. The unit contains a condenser, compressor, fan motor, etc. everything to keep an AC functional. Without any proper support, the vibrations can be excess, which can then cause breakage of copper wires or coolant leakage or compressor/condenser damage.


If you are someone who requires a seamless domestic air conditioning installation process, you can always find a trustworthy technician team to work with you. Overall it can be a tricky process if you are trying it the first time. Make sure that you have done your homework and have considered all the factors before making any installations

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