Residential Air Conditioning: Tips to Help You Save Money

Your air conditioning unit could possibly be the biggest energy-consuming electrical product in your home.  During the hot summer months, you may wish to run your air conditioner on a daily basis. Whilst keeping temperatures down in your home is obviously a huge benefit, the increased electric bills are not. Paying for a residential air conditioning installation is a one off expense. However, maintaining the unit and paying the bills every month are recurring costs.

Here are some money saving tips that will help you reduce the running costs of your air conditioner.

·       Raise the Thermostat

When it comes to air conditioning, a simple rule to reduce electric cost is to set the thermostat to 23 °C or higher. You can start by gradually increasing the temperature every other day. For instance, if you usually keep the temperature at 20 °C, you will have to increase the thermostat gradually up to 23 °C to achieve significant savings.

·       No More Sunlight

Sunlight constantly streaming into a room will increase the room temperature and your air conditioning unit’s workload. The increased workload can result in the wear and tear of the unit and its parts. In simple terms, the longer and harder the air conditioner works, the more energy it consumes. It is better to draw the curtains during the hottest part of the day, than potentially having to pay for urgent repair work.

·       Insulate Your Home

Poor insulation increases your AC unit’s workload; this issue is commonly found in old houses, due to cracks in the walls, or worn or weathered seals. To ensure that your home insulation is up to standards, hire a contractor to perform a home energy audit. The energy auditor will check your house for any leaks and recommend fixes to make your house more energy-efficient.

·       Keep the Air Filters Clean

Using the AC unit for longer periods of time can result in dust and debris collecting in the air filters, and eventually this will restrict cool air flowing into your room or space. The interrupted airflow prevents your air conditioner from keeping your home cool, and makes it consume more energy at the same time. Take the time to clean the air filters monthly, and to change them every three months.

·       Appliances Near the Thermostat

Your thermostat is sensitive to heat, as it is continuously monitoring the surrounding temperature. Avoid placing heat-generating appliances near the thermostat – the heat released from the electronic appliance(s) will increase the temperature around the thermostat. This will keep your AC running long hours to achieve the desired temperature. Electronics such as TV, computers, and lamps should be kept away from the thermostat.

·       To Conclude

Air conditioning is necessary to keep your home cool in the summer. Once Evergreen Environmental has completed the residential air conditioning installation, consider following the tips mentioned above to manage the electric bills.

If you have any concerns, or maintenance issues with your air conditioning unit our dedicated team at Evergreen Environmental would be happy to assist you. Please contact us on 08081 781 678.  Alternatively you can email us at or complete the online form to receive a response within 24 hours.

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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x