The Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

Whether you have had your air conditioning unit for a number of years, or whether it is relatively new, it is essential that regular maintenance is carried out to ensure its optimal and efficient performance. This will not only keep your running costs down but it will also prolong its life.

Saving money will obviously be high on anyone’s agenda, especially during the current difficult economic times, but if you are tempted to reduce costs by avoiding the regular servicing of your air conditioner, there are other more important factors to consider before you make this decision. Leading experts report that a poorly maintained air conditioning system could present a significant health risk, as it may be susceptible to collecting allergens and infectious organisms. As air conditioning units are a highly effective way to circulate air throughout a given space, this unfortunately can mean that any such hazards are effectively spread throughout an entire workplace, room or home. Therefore, the proper maintenance of your system, including regular filter change, is essential to prevent circulation of unhealthy air and help protect you working or home environment from these dangers.

Furthermore in these days of increasing environmental awareness and the positive choices we can make, ensuring that your system is running as efficiently as it possibly can, will help protect, and make less of an impact on, our planet.

The frequency with which you have your air conditioning system serviced will depend on several factors, including the model, its age and how it’s used.  Your specialist installer will be able to advise you but what is the importance of regular service and maintenance, but how would you know if your existing system requires attention?

Signs that your air conditioning system is poorly maintained may include:

Leaking water

Loss of performance

Bad odour

Increased energy bills.

If you notice any one of these issues then it is time to call in a specialist for advice. If your air conditioning system has not been maintained regularly, this may prove to be a very costly experience, which is why we recommend that you consider investing in a planned service and maintenance package.

Evergreen Environmental are specialist Air Conditioning installers based in Essex, covering London, Essex and The Home Counties. We are also proud to offer a bespoke range of service and maintenance packages, emergency call outs, AC cleaning and TM44 inspections, which are carried out by specially trained engineers.

We have a department dedicated to all your service and maintenance requirements. Our qualified engineers can help you increase the efficiency and life span of your air conditioning system with regular maintenance.

With a planned service and maintenance package, we can help you stay environmentally friendly by ensuring your systems are running as efficiently as they possibly can and protect you, your family, and your work colleagues, from the health risks associated with a poorly maintained air conditioning system.

The main benefits of the Evergreen Environmental service and maintenance packages are:

Fixed costs

Reduced call out fees

Fast track response

All maintenance works carried out by a team of highly qualified and experienced Engineers.

Our dedicated team at Evergreen Environmental would be happy to assist you, so please contact us today on 08081 781 678 for your free quotation.  Alternatively you can email us at or complete the online form to receive a response within 24 hours.

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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x