12 Productive things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown

Being confined to four walls for the majority of the day for weeks on end is not something we had time to mentally prepare for. It’s important for our mental and physically well-being to stay active, positive and stimulated. With social distancing rules in place, it’s essential to find ways to take advantage of this time, rather than to dwell on what we cannot do. Here is a list of 12 productive things to do during the COVID-19 lockdown.

#1 Help the NHS

Help the NHS

The NHS are currently taking volunteers to help with the current COVID-19 Crisis. Helpers are required to help deliver food and medicine, to drive patients to appointments and to phone and check on those during isolation. As the virus spreads the number of people affected is increasing along with the demand for volunteers.

#2 Read


Reading comes with huge benefits. It increases our knowledge, vocabulary and thinking skills. It keeps our minds stimulated and whilst some of us may not be using our minds for work like we usually do, this is a great way to keep our mind engaged. Our brains are a muscle and require exercise to keep them strong. Reading also comes with other benefits such as stress reduction and strengthens our memory.

#3 Set up a savings account


Due the current social distancing and restrictions, naturally we will be spending much less. Whilst some people will be having to survive on a reduced salary and will not have the luxury of being able to save some of us could utilise this time to put our disposable income to one side. Use Money Saving Expert to compare interest rates and get the most from your pennies.

#4 Get a bike or use the one you have


So long as you maintain social distancing guidelines cycling is a great way to get out of the house and keep fit. Cycling can also improve your brain power and helps to build new brain cells. It’s a way to improve your fitness, whilst the gyms are closed, and you’ll end up happier and healthier. No brainer.

5# Clean and declutter your home


Now is a perfect time to get a full spring clean underway. Cleaning actually has a positive impact on your mental health. At a time of increased anxiety get busy with cleaning and clearing out any clutter that has accumulated over the years. You’ll be left feeling more positive and actively minimise the number of allergens lurking ready to attack your immune system. It’s also a good time to get your AC systems professionally cleaned and air filters changed to stop as these can pick up dust and allergens and redistribute them around your house.

#6 Upcycle


If you enjoy being creative and would like to make some home improvements, upcycling is great cost-effective way to do so. There are thousands of ideas on the internet, take a look at Pinterest for some great examples and step by step guides. You could even have a rummage through the garage, cupboards and loft for unused items and look at selling completed projects on eBay!

#7 Learn a new language


There are many advantages to being able to speak to a second language such as enhanced career prospects and even improving your first language. There are other benefits such as better cognitive abilities and improved memory which consequently can delay dementia for up to five years!

#8 Create a bucket list


It can feel a bit dispiriting being stuck indoors with so much uncertainty as to when social distancing measures will be relaxed. Many of us will have had to cancel holidays, events and trips that we were looking forward too. Create a list of things you would like to experience and places you would like to visit in the future. These will all be things to work towards and look forward too.

#9 Practise Yoga


Yoga has been proven to provide a multitude of benefits to mental and physically well-being. It’s great for improving your overall strength and suppleness along with aiding sleep, relaxation and your immune system. Furthermore, it’s inexpensive and can be done in the comfort on your own home with no equipment. There are companies such as Move GB who offer online classes for as little as £1 per week. Far cheaper than any gym membership!

#10 Get out in the garden


As spring is upon us, now is a great time to get to work in the garden. Further to recent government updates we could be following social distancing guidelines for longer than we realise and if you have a garden, you’ll be wanting to make the most of it this summer. Spending time outside is good for reducing stress and can benefit our mental health whilst burning those extra calories that you might not be shifting whilst stuck inside.

#11 Get up to date with admin (work, personal)


Clearing your ‘desk’ of any paperwork, bills and forms that you have not had the opportunity to do will leave you feeling great. If you haven’t already you could use the time to organise your paperwork into folders to keep your ‘desk’ tidy.


#12 Help a local Charity


During a time of crisis, there are many Charities and organisations that are reliant on volunteers more than ever . Social distancing means that elderly people living on their own, are feeling even more alone. Age UK are welcoming donations to help answer as many phone calls as possible during this time. See Hello Magazines article on other Charities that desperately need your help.


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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x